If you are considering buying a pool heater, you will probably have asked yourself “what size pool heater should i buy?” Well, this all depends on how many gallons water you have in your pool and also whether you have an inground or an above ground swimming pool.

Here are the frequently asked questions with the answers:

Q: What size pool heater for 20 000 gallons? A: A pool heater with the power of around 200 BTU.

Q: What size pool heater for 12000 – 10000 gallon pool? A: A pool heater with a BTU of around 150 BTU

Q: What size pool heater do i need for above ground pool? A: Pool heating times can vary a little from the types of heaters available for sale. However using Hayward’s H100 model for eg, you can anticipate the following temperature increase in an 8 hour time span: Please refer to the table below (it all depends how fast you want to heat your pool up)

Average Temperature Increase Over 8 Hours (For A 100 BTU Pool Heater)

Q: What size pool heater for a 20×40 pool? A: All pool heaters will heat your pool, but it usually the time in which it takes to heat the pool that determines the model you buy. For a 20 x 40 pool we recommend at least a 400 BTU pool heater. For more information on BTU and various other pool heaters, please see our comparison chart.

Q: What size pool heater for 30000 gallons? A: A 300 BTU pool heater.